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Kratom Plants –


Learning More About The Kratom Plants

Learning more about Kratom plants has no surprise to many of us; that plants can be used as medicinal agents for a wide range of health issues and disease. While we continue to learn more about Kratom plants and how Kratom plants benefits our health and wellbeing. We look more and more to Asian countries where for centuries natural alternatives have been part of mainstream culture. uses the most outstanding Kratom plants to make its products.

Mitragyna Speciosa – Kratom plants

Southeastern Asia has been incorporating the tropical evergreen tree, Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom Plant). Into their wellness routines for as long as people can remember. Kratom plant is part of the coffee family, and its various forms for a host of reasons.

The mysterious of the Kratom plant has eluded westerners; until recently as more and more people seek natural remedies and supplements for their lives. From powder form to steamed leaves in tea, the Kratom plant is finally getting the attention in which it deserves.

Mitragyna Speciosa Plant Specifics

Mitragyna Speciosa trees are tropical evergreen trees that boast straight and smooth trunks, grey bark, and dark green glossy leaves. The tree can grow up to 82 feet in height with a diameter of sometimes three feet. Even its leaves are big in size, growing around eight inches long and five inches wide when fully open.

Growing in forests throughout Southeastern Asia in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea; these Kratom trees are growing in popularity, increasing demand from the regions’s top growers. Vast Kratom plantations are now dotting the fertile country side of the region. 


Kratom strain classification focuses on two factors, the vein color and the region in which it grows. Leaves can have a veins that range in colors of red, white, and green, which reference the age of the plant. These colors of leaf veins combined with the region in which the plant was grown and harvested, resulting in the names that you see on the market today.


Processing Kratom plants for sale and use in a variety of methods. Leaves can be dried and reduced to powder form for capsules, the plant can be boiled and used in a liquid form in drinks, and extracts of resin like oils can be used for purest form of the medicinal qualities.

Trusting The Source

As with any herbal and organic plant based supplement product, finding a trusted source to purchase quality products is the most important part of the process. only offers the highest quality in Kratom products.If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Kratom products and how to use them effectively, log on to for more information.